When to call a mole catcher in?

If you can see raised ridges and/or mounds of loose earth, any turf is becoming unsightly and difficult to mow or fresh mounds of earth appear overnight then take prompt action to ensure your problem can be quickly resolved.


As a traditional mole catcher I specialise in mole control across Lancashire - for many people who want to get rid of mole hills in gardens then you have come to the right place.  Mole control is definitely an art and something I have specialised in for many years, I would advise not to waste money buying poison or mole traps on the internet, instead call in a expert who knows exactly what they are doing! Mole activity can cause havok if not dealt with quickly and correctly by a trained professional mole catcher like myself.

Mole Control Advice

Mole control Lancashire

Hello, my name is Craig Parkinson and I am a traditional mole catcher, living in Lancashire.


Welcome to my website which I hope helps you with any information you require on what I find to be the fascinating but often frustrating subject of the common mole.


For those of you who would like to talk to me about clearing any land of this industrious little digger that can cause considerable damage please contact me directly on my mobile telephone at 07817780157.  I am available 7 days a week but please leave an answer phone message if am unable to answer and I will return your call as soon as possible to offer you my assistance. 



For those of you who like a little more detailed information, I invite you to browse my website and I hope you find it of interest.  There are many sources of information available on this subject so I have tried to keep things simple and straightforward by highlighting relevant points.


I find that many home owners are confused by so much conflicting advice on mole control especially the home remedies, rumours and control methods recommended and whether they are worth trying.  These methods are often unsuccessful because the mole primarily feeds on earthworms and small invertebrates and so home remedies are not only in the main ineffective but also allow the animal more time to become established.

Mole control in Lancashire