Q: When controlling moles do you ever use toxic gas or poison?


The simple answer is no. In all my years in mole control I have never used gases or other chemicals to help catch moles.  There is a risk to other animals and the environment, not to mention the unnecessary suffering to the mole themselves. I would advise anyone not to use anyone that uses gases, I don’t think this is the case in Lancashire but please check.  I have and will continue to use traditional trapping methods - this is the most humane and most effective method of mole control.

Q: Are your mole catching methods and traps humane? 


A: Yes.  The traps we use are specifically designed and approved for humane dispatch of the moles.  We regularly check each trap to ensure that they are effective and most importantly in line with the British Traditional Mole catchers Register.

Q. Do you have an initial call out charge?


A: No. I will arrange a convenient time to visit your site, farm, garden, field, or sports ground with you.  All future costs will be discussed and agreed at this initial meeting – also no fee would be required until I show you evidence of trapping.   

Q: What are your fees for mole control?  


A: This all depends largely around the number of moles in question.  Feel free to call and discuss this, but I generally work on a no mole – no fee basis, which most of my customers all seem happy with.  

Q: Who do you currently catch moles for? 


A: I work with a number of farmers in the Lancashire covering small and large fields to help control and catch moles.   In addition to this, I now catch moles in residential gardens or country estates.  In the last year I have also caught moles on football pitches and cricket pitches! 


Frequently Asked Questions about Moles


If you have a question about my mole catching services, then hopefully the information below will help.  If not feel free to contact me direct using the telephone number or email address provided. 

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