How to get rid of a garden mole?

I must get asked this question five times a day... so here is a short summary and advice for everone out there. Firstly nobody likes to see their beautiful garden lawn covered in mole hills, so the main thing here is to act fast and call in an expert mole catcher like me! People will spend money on traps you can buy online, but for the cost of these and the fact that it isn’t easy to catch a mole then don’t waste your time, just call in a professional. Damage caused by moles is the most frustrating problem for gardeners.

Identifying a mole problem

To start with you will notice a three to five inch rounded raised pile of soil which has broken the surface of your garden lawn – some people describe them as mini volcanoes! Once you have seen a couple of these appearing in different places, then you definitely have a mole in your garden.

Generally moles cause no harm to the environment, and they do naturally aerate soils and help get rid of larvae of the destructive insects. However...for gardeners they can ruin a whole lawn and will certainly uproot your favourite flowers and plants, because their tunnelling destroys roots and you will notice that the lawn can become brown in places.

The Art of Mole Catching

There are many ways to get rid of a garden mole, however I only catch them in a humane manner and certainly don’t encourage people to use poison. You really need to act fast before the damage becomes too extensive. Moles cause little damage to the environment at large. Plus, they naturally aerate soils and eliminate the larvae of destructive insects. Like with any trade, mole catching requires training and there is definitely an art for catching them. I have been catching moles for over 15 years now, and it’s important that you identify where the mole might be in order to set the trap in the right place – which is why buying a trap online isn’t the answer. More than happy to come and catch your garden mole just give me a call!

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