Mole Hills in your garden

Garden mole hills
Signs you have got a mole in the garden is definitely when you start seeing a mole hill appearing. It is simply a mound of loose raised soil, caused by the burrowing mammals – unfortunately this is probably the only sign that will indicate to land owners, farmers or gardeners that you have the animal present.

Molehills are the waste material as a result of the digging and burrowing from the mole, which usual happens when the rodent is creating a new burrow or home. Although a mole hill can form where existing tunnels become damaged. If the mole happens to burrow beneath tree roots and shrubs, then it is less obvious you have a mole in your garden.

In general molehills occur in lines along the route which the mole has dug, however mole runs can vary in depth with some only a few centimetres from the surface to some moles who dig runs down to around 40cm deep. The one good thing about mole hills is that some gardeners will use the soil as a source of quality soil for gardening! So if you are doing some potting find yourself a the soil has been aerated which adds to its fertility – but this doesn’t get away from the damage one mole can do to a whole garden – so catch him quick!

Count your mole hills today and give me a call... who knows there could be more than one mole!

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