A Few Words About Me

I have worked in countryside environment for 33 years and many times farmers and land owners have mentioned the problems they have experienced with moles and the difficulty they have in ridding their land of this pest. These talked about little animals intrigued me more and more and I researched them to learn about their habitats and the way they lived. I attended a mole catching course to learn more and become competent in molecatching.

My interest grew in learning about the complex way of life of the mole. I then discovered a mole in my own land and needed to address this problem promptly as I kept sheep on the fields. I found I was successful in dealing with the problem in a humane way, of course following the codes of practice as laid down by the Guild of British Molecatchers which I am a member of and which I fully support. I now had first hand knowledge of the problems moles cause and could understand how people feel about not wanting them on their land.

I was able to use my skills and help others again and again until I was known locally as the mole man with 100% success rate. My work evolved to me now working as many hours on mole catching as on sheep rearing although much to my surprise, my shepherding skills have come in handy whilst on the hills molecatching! I do from time to time call the farmer about a sheep in labour and received instructions from him to get on with it then until he can get to me to assist!

I enjoy my work so much because I am continually able to help so many people who are for obvious reasons always happy to see me even when I present them with an invoice as this means the mole is caught. I am happy not to charge a call out fee and if there is no mole caught then there is no fee.

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