What Damage Can Moles Cause?

I think its important to give people the facts before they decide if they need to give me a call...so I thought I would write a few words on the damage the little pests can cause.

  • Molehills on lawns have to be removed and collapsed tunnels need filling in to maintain a level lawn surface which is why gardeners consider moles to be pests.

  • Moles tunnelling can disturb the roots of seedlings and other small plants in flower beds and vegetable plots which can affect growth by dislodging the plants and drying out the roots. Moles scape away soil from the roots removing the plants source of nourishment.

  • Moles digging can cause considerable damage to newly seeded lawns.

  • Mole tunnels can cause problems with the irrigation of your land.

  • Subsidence can be caused by the burrowing.

  • Earthworms, eaten by moles, are very important for soil aeration, health and fertility of the land.

  • The tunnels made by moles provide an easy access to your plants and crops for other rodents. Voles and mice are known to travel in mole tunnels and eat away at the roots and tubers of plants.

  • Tunnelling exposes stones and debris that can damage lawn mowers and agricultural machinery.

  • Very uneven ground caused by raised ridges and molehills can cause livestock to fall and become injured.

  • Soil contamination of silage and haylage by molehill earth can result in deadly listereosis in farm animals.

  • It is believed that widespread field infestation can reduce product yield by up to 30%.

  • Moles can destroy sprinkler systems by uprooting sprinkler heads and warping underground water lines.

  • Apart from the above problems, mole tunnelling can spoil the appearance of your land making your property less attractive, grass will turn brown and low and weak spots are created. Labyrinth tunnels soon become homes and runways for mice as well as voles and pets may try to dig out a mole all resulting in further damage to the land.

  • Molehills can also easily be colonized by weed growth further ruining the grass quality.

I hope you found this article of interest, please do get in touch if you need help getting rid of moles. Bye for now!

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