Get your garden free of moles for summer!

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog...I've been busy catching moles on cricket pitches, gardens, school fields, and golf courses last month! Thank-you for getting in touch everyone.

Nobody likes to see a mound of dirt or as one of my customers said this week... “Please get rid of those mini volcano’s in the garden!” Hello to Mrs Robertson if you are reading this!

So you’ve invited a few friends over this weekend, for that summer BBQ – if the weather is nice! And suddenly your once-pristine lawn has been invaded by a garden mole which wasn’t invited to the BBQ this weekend!

What do you do? Well give me a call for one, I can come out and lay a trap to catch the un-invited garden guest... so that you can show off your beautiful garden to your friends!

Why give me a call? Well it is notoriously difficult to remove this rodents, and live trapping is trick at best – therefore extermination is the best way, humane ofcourse...And don’t think they will go away, did you know these pests can sometimes actually find a way to tunnel underneath a pavement into your garden! #molefact

I’ve caught many moles this summer, its all about identifying the live run and setting the earth in the trap correctly so that the mole doesn’t notice anything unusual. Its easier to do this if the mole hills haven’t been disturbed or flattened in an attempt to pretend you don’t have a unwelcome visitor.

I love my job, and have been catching moles for over 16 years now, so I’m pretty good at what I do. Feel free to give me a call whenever you like on 07817780157 – looking forward to catching your mole!

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